What You Need To Take With You To A Concert

So, by the time 2019 is over, I will have been to four Jonas Brothers concerts.

Love this low-quality photo I took back in August? Hahaha I have an iPhone 6, not the brand new one.. clearly.

I've been to my fair share of concerts and with my job in radio, it also just comes with the work that I do. There is just something about live music and seeing one of your favorite musicians live that is just an incredible experience. There really is not anything like it.

Next week, my sister and I are seeing the Jonas Brothers in Atlanta and then roadtripping to Charlotte over night to see the guys again! One thing you NEED to know about me... I'm a BIG Jonas Brothers fan. I have been since like 2006. I actually have a huge box with books, magazines, posters, and all kinds of other Jonas Brothers merch.

Getting ready for this little trip had me thinking that I want to share with you what you need to take with you to a concert. Concerts are AMAZING, but there are definitely some must-haves that you need to take with you. Having a dead phone battery or realizing that you need cash once you're in the venue is the worst.

I'll stop rambling and give you the content you came here for... here's what you need to take with you to a concert.

A Portable Charger
Don't be that person with a dead phone. Seriously, you don't want to worry about not being able to text your friend when you split up to grab drinks or call your Uber when you leave. Keep a portable charger with you at all times. It is the responsible thing to do!

Bad breath is never good. I get it. You were starving because you didn't eat before the show and you just inhaled some chicken tenders and fries from the little concession at the arena. Sure, there are worse things you could have eaten, but I always love some gum. Especially if I'm drinking. I don't want my breath to smell like the fifth shot of Jack I just took. Gum. Just trust me. You'll be glad.

Something To Sign
So, you might not get a chance to say hey to the artist or even have them sign anything, but I always like to have a marker and something for them to sign. A small journal, the latest album they released, something small. I know that the chances are probably unlikely, but I would rather be prepared than not.

ALWAYS HAVE CASH. This rule applies especially when you're out. You never know what could happen and cash is always a good thing to have on you. I'm not talking  hundreds of dollars. Just make sure you have enough to cover you if you're ever in any sort of bind.

A Clear Bag
Always check the venue's rules, but more and more places are becoming clear bag venues. You don't have to carry around a Ziploc bag. Lucky for us, there are actually really cute clear bags you can get. I got one from Etsy and I love it.

Some Pain Medicine
I'm 24, but my knees sometimes make me feel 140. I also get an occasional headache that is killer. Basically, some pain medicine of your choice is always a smart thing to have because I'd really hate to not enjoy the pleasures of being at a Jonas Brothers concert because my knees are killing me. You can get the small little bottles that are perfect to slip in your bag or pocket.

What's the next concert you're going to? I'll be at the Jonas Brothers concerts next week in Atlanta and Charlotte and then Atlanta's Jingle Ball in December! If you'll be there, let me know! I'd love to say hey.


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