Here's What's On My Christmas List This Year

HELLO DECEMBER! I will be listening to Christmas music and watching only Christmas movies in my (very little) free time. Don't judge me.

My mom always had us write up a Christmas list every year and even though I don't really do the whole Christmas list thing really too much anymore, obviously there are still things that I would like for Christmas. Hopefully, Santa is reading this!

The thing about making a Christmas list that can be tough is sometimes... we have no idea what to ask for. You know? David just asked me for some things I want and I drew a blank. I had no idea what to ask for. Every year, I find myself doing a Google search of hot items that I might want to add to my Christmas list. If you're looking for some different things to add to your list, I'm sharing what's in my Christmas list this year with you today.

Good slippers
I NEED some good slippers. I love a soft, cozy pair of slippers because when I'm home, I honestly just want to be the most comfortable I can be. We all need some good slippers, especially during winter. I haven't have some good slippers in quite some time.

Laptop tray
Yes, I'm one of those people that believe electronics have a negative effect on us. I have shugnite around me almost all the time. I always have it sitting on my laptop when I'm working. Sure, you can call me crazy if you want. Anyway, with that being said, I don't want my laptop sitting on my legs when I'm working from my bed for hours. Nope. Right now, I just use a pillow, but I really want a good laptop tray! I also don't want to be hunched over while I do work (that's NOT attractive haha), so yeah.. I need one.

I definitely don't think that this is something you normally see on a Christmas list, but I'm asking for one this year. I loyally listen to Crime Junkie and watch all the true crime shows, so I will admit that I am probably overly cautious and a little paranoid, but I'm not sorry. Amazon has this mini pink taser for $13.

Villa One Tequila
It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers, so when I heard that Nick started an alcohol brand, I was pumped. I did not know what to expect because, well, I'm not a fan of tequila. I haven't had tequila that I ever thought tasted really good... until now. I had the opportunity to go to the Villa One lounge in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago (pictures here) and I was so nervous to taste it. I just knew that I wasn't going to like it.
This tequila is so good. My favorite is the reposado! It is smooth and it produces caramel and vanilla aromas while having notes of balanced butterscotch, oak, and coffee. Nick stopped by and I told him that I hate tequila, but his was good. He actually laughed.

Messages From Above
I've been following Monica from the Freeform show, Monica The Medium, for years now! I wish her show had more seasons, but her gift is incredible. I find mediums so interesting and she just released a book that I just cannot wait to read!

Fancy AF Cocktails book
If you don't watch Vanderpump Rules, you are missing out on some quality television. This reality show is so good and I'm obsessed! I'll be honest, I started it about a year ago and I had trouble at first. I didn't really catch on to it at first, but it didn't take long for me to get hooked. Ariana and Sandoval released a cocktail book that I am just so excited to get my hands on. I love a good cocktail and cannot wait to make some of these!

Airpods case
When I'm going out to run errands, I usually just grab my keys, wallet, phone, and Airpods. Sometimes, I don't have pockets, so when I pop my Airpods in, there really isn't a good place to keep the case. I really want one of these cases that go over the case, but have a keychain attachment so I can just clip it on!

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