Last Minute Gift Guide For Christmas

Are you struggling to find last minute Christmas gift ideas? Let me help you!

I was struggling myself until I came up with this list, so I hope that it helps you out, as well. Here are some of my best last minute Christmas gift ideas.

An Experience
Material things are great and all, but there is nothing better in life than a good memory of time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Many times, a memory will last longer than a material thing anyway! One of the greatest parts about gifting an experience is that it can be as inexpensive as a local hike or a couple of movie tickets, or as extravagant as a vacation with the family to another state or country. You can make your gift unique and personal by picking an experience that is special for the person you are giving it to, such as a cooking subscription or a cooking class for a friend who loves to cook, or piano lessons for your friend who has been wanting to learn to play an instrument. Not only will the gift be meaningful, but the memories will last a lifetime. 

A Gift That Keeps on Giving
Memories aren’t the only gifts that last for more than Christmas day - if you want to gift something that won’t be tossed into the pile of short-lived excitement, try a gift that keeps on giving, or something that will continue to be a gift or surprise even after it is opened once! Subscription services are a wonderful example of this, and there are so many to choose from! If you have a loved one who is very stressed out, consider a weekly or monthly massage subscription. For your friend who loves to cook, a food subscription would be very valued! For your girls (or guys) who live on red wine, check out some wine subscription services. There is something for everyone!

A Plaque or Nameplate
If you have someone in your life that has recently accomplished something huge, think about gifting them with a plaque to celebrate them. A custom plaque from East Point Foundry is a great gift for commemorating important people and institutions. Bronze has been a staple in history to honor and memorialize the living and dead alike, says East Point Foundry.

“Whether exemplary service in mankind, or a commitment to excellence, East Point Foundry takes this cause very seriously, which is why we hand-craft every Bronze Plaque, start to finish right in our 100% American made Foundry located in Atlanta, Georgia since 1948.” Your plaque - no matter if aluminum or bronze - will be 100% unique and designed/approved by you to ensure perfection. You can choose from different borders, textures, and more to make it unique. You can provide East Point Foundry with exact specific dimensions, or a big picture idea. Either way, they will meet and then exceed the challenge and your expectations for your gift. In addition to plaques, they also offer nameplates, lettering, sculptings, and more.

A Gift That Gives Back
There are so many gifts that give back and I feel like every single year, there are even more options! For example, originally, the trend used to be supporting or “adopting” an animal in need. Now, there are still those great gift options, but there are also gift options that can benefit other charities around the world. For example, Toms has donated over 60 million pairs of shoes with its buy a pair, give a pair program. That means that for every pair you gift during Christmastime, that is one pair of shoes that is given to someone in need.

Smart Home Products
Smart home products are there to make your life easier and in my opinion, every person needs their life to be just a little bit more seamless each day. Products such as an Amazon Alexa (or a Google Home) allow you to control your smart devices in your home, play music in the blink of an eye, or even research recipes and start timers. Having an Alexa or a Google Home is a great hands-free way to get things done more efficiently. For example, they can turn off lights for you when you do not have an extra hand, or even start your washing machine for you later on.

Nest has great smart products, as well such as doorbells, cameras, and smoke detectors. The great thing about Nest products is that you can access them from your phone or computer and you can control them with your Alexa or Google Home. More and more people are also using Nest Cams as baby monitors because they are a safe option and they are easy to access at all times (even away from your home). So, if you know of someone that just had a baby or is pregnant, that might be a great option! Nest’s smoke detectors and thermostats can work seamlessly together and also alert you when there is a potential issue. For example, if there is a fire, your thermostat and fire detector will work together to prevent the fire from spreading. Most thermostats will cool the room after a fire has started because it thinks the room is just getting hotter, but if the Nest fire detector recognizes smoke or carbon monoxide, it will alert your thermostat and your thermostat will automatically shut off your air, which can help prevent the fire from spreading. You will also receive an alert on your phone saying that your fire detector is going off. If you have a Nest Cam, you can see what is going on.

Christmas will be here before you know it! Happy shopping!


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