What I Wear To Bed To Feel Like A Queen

Sleep is so important and so is what you sleep in.

For years, I slept in random t-shirts, shorts and sweatpants, and really anything baggy and random. I love a big t-shirt as much as any other lady, but I soon realized that I didn't have anything cute to wear to bed. Yeah, nobody really sees what you wear to bed, but honestly, I feel so much more beautiful when I'm wearing a pretty, feminine pajama set instead of an xxl sorority shirt from years ago to bed.

Also, because of the coronavirus, I'm working from home for the unforeseeable future, which means that I'm definitely living in pajamas.

Looking for some cute pajamas to wear to bed, too? Want to feel like a queen? I'm sharing my specifics when looking for good pajamas to make the process a little easier for you!

Always choose a sleep set
Personally, I want to match, so I always opt for a sleep set. Nordstrom Rack has some of my favorites. Target is always a good place to look, too! I also tend to choose a solid or neutral pattern. Pink and black always win, too! 

Silk and satin feel lovely on the skin
I absolutely LOVE silk and satin. The feel, the look. Wearing it really just makes me feel like like a queen. Silk is also good for the skin and keeps you cool, so we love the added benefits of wearing luxurious pajamas.

Don't sleep on a sleepshirt
No pants are needed, so you don't feel restricted while you sleep. Who doesn't love that? Victoria's Secret sells some of my favorite sleepwear overall and I just bought a couple of these really cute sleepshirts that I'm basically living in.

Yes, you need a robe
Everyone needs a robe (or three). I love a bathrobe, a silk robe, and a good basic robe to quickly throw on over your pajamas. Lounging around in a robe also just feel oddly luxurious if I'm being honest. It also requires you to have a drink in hand.

Here's to good sleep and feeling like the queen you are!


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