How I Focus On Gratitude Every Day

 Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so we're going to talk a little about gratitude today.

If you didn't know, I work in news and news never stops! That means I'm working my normal schedule, including an overnight shift on Thursday and Friday. 

I'm also working on every single holiday that is coming up because honestly... I didn't think to ask for the days off and it would kind of be a hassle, so I decided to just work and take that holiday pay! We love that.

With that, here's my quick little Thanksgiving schedule. I'll be watching the Thanksgiving parade in the morning and after that's over, I'll take a little nap. I'll start making my delicious macaroni and cheese! I'll enjoy a little Thanksgiving dinner before taking another nap and starting work at 10:30. 

Side note here, I've been watching A LOT of TikToks, but I've made a few little videos, so totally come join me over there!

Alright, let's get to what this little post is actually about... gratitude.

I'm always honest here and the past few years have been tough for me. I don't know if there has been one day where anxiety doesn't creep into my life. It is a constant battle and it has honestly caused me to look a little deeper. 

Dealing with anxiety that has been debilitating at times has resulted in real and raw conversations with God. I've asked why, what's the purpose, what am I supposed to learn, how does this make any sense, how will I get through this, when will this end...

One thing that I'm really grateful for is that as a result of my anxiety, I've found ways to focus on gratitude every day. For me, focusing on all the good in my life helps keep my anxiety in check. 

When I wake up every morning, I say this little prayer that I actually got from Robin Roberts. I absolutely adore her and saying this little prayer every morning just kind of sets the tone for my day.

The light of God surrounds me. 
The love of God enfolds me.
The power of God protects me.
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is. 

After that, I just thank God for waking me up and when I go to the bathroom to do the usual morning routine things, while I'm looking in the mirror, I say some positive things. I say things like...

I am beautiful.
I am healthy.
I am blessed.
I am safe.

These little affirmations are just reminders to me of the good in my life. They remind me that I am okay.

Before bed, I do my devotions and prayer. This is usually the time that I'm able to really be still. I also write down at least five things that I am grateful for. If I'm having a particularly tough day, I make myself list 10 things. 

Sometimes, the list comes easily, but other times, it takes me some time. These are some things that I've put on my gratitude list...

I am grateful for David.
I am grateful for work.
I am grateful for my heated blanket.
I am grateful for payday.
I am grateful for my health. 

Anxiety is so different for everyone. Sometimes, maybe a mindset shift can help. Other times, it takes the help of loved ones and professionals to get to a safe place. I'm here to say that getting the help you need if you are struggling is brave and you should never feel ashamed for that. I've been in really dark places and needed more help that just a mindset shift to get to a safe place.

With that being said, it has taken work to get to a place where I feel safe and on days where I'm struggling, I have the tools I need to get back to that safe place. Practicing gratitude is one of those tools.

With all that being said, as we go into a holiday where gratitude is the primary focus, I challenge you to try writing down at least five things every day that you are thankful for. That simple practice has changed my life.

I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving spent with good food and also those you love most. Remember to stay safe by getting tested if you may have been exposed to the coronavirus or will be around loved ones. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. 

I am so grateful for you for being here. 


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