I Got My First Box From The Ring Boxes! Here's What Was Inside.

If you know someone who is getting married and want to get them a fun gift, I really recommend a bridal box subscription. My favorite? The Ring Boxes!

If you haven't heard yet, I'm getting married! I got engaged back in October and I've already gone full wedding-planning mode. It has been fun and I've had a pretty clear idea about wedding details for a while. David and I have been dating for almost 9 years, so you know I've had plenty of time to really think about it. 

I learned about bridal subscription boxes when an ad popped up on my Instagram account. I subscribed to a couple different ones and so far, this box has been my favorite. I completely recommend getting one from The Ring Boxes. 

Here's more details on this amazing bridal subscription box.

Choose a subscription that works for you! You can choose a monthly plan or even prepay for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

Each box is handpicked for you! Each box is different and you really never know what you're going to get. Each box is perfectly curated and filled with the most popular must-have bridal products.

Unwrap sweet gifts! The boxes ship between the 4th and 8th of each month and you even get a tracking number, so you'll know when to expect your box each other. Everything is put together so beautifully and unwrapping is so fun!

There's actually a pretty sweet deal happening right now, so it is a great time to start your subscription!

Okay, are you ready to learn a little more about what came in my first box? Here we go!

Wifey Beanie
I might seriously wear this at somepoint during my wedding reception because I'm having a winter wedding and it can get pretty chilly in North Georgia during the winter! It is so adorable and I may not be a wife just yet, but I'll definitely be wearing this around.

"Happily Ever After" Cosmetic Bag
This is great because it is clear, so you can see inside! No digging around. 

"We're Engaged" Ornament
David bought me a sweet personalized ornament after we got engaged and you know that is already up on my tree, but this was such a cute addition! 

Gray Infinity Scarf
This scarf is so soft you would think that your grandma made it for you! And I mean, it looks great paired with the "Wifey" beanie!

Christmas Tree Candle
We love holiday-themed gifts! This box included a candle that smells just like a Christmas tree! 

"Mrs." Keychain
This keychain is absolutely adorable! It's lightweight, cute, and perfect for your keys.

I've got the 6 month subscription and just might be extending it because I'm so thrilled with my first box already. If you're looking for a gift for a bride-to-be or to treat yourself, a subscription box from The Ring Boxes is the way to go!

I'll be unboxing each box right here each month, so there's plenty more to come!

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