Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Have I ever mentioned that Christmas is my favorite holiday? Basic, I know.

I've always loved the magic that I feel around Christmas. I love the reminder of God's love for me. I love the sound of bells. I love the smell of hot chocolate and warm, chocolate chip cookies. I love the extra kindness that seems to fill the air during the holiday season. I love giving gifts and being surprised when I open that gift that I never thought I would actually receive. 

There's a magic during the season that I try and keep in my life all year round.

I know that this year has been hard for us all. We have all faced something that we probably never would have imagined this year, but here we are. We are still here and that is a testimate to just how strong we are. 

This Christmas and holiday season, I hope that you can find at least one moment that makes you smile. I hope that you are blessed in some way and if you can, I hope that you bless others before the year is over. I hope you find peace, rest and love.

I'll be spending my Christmas working because news never stops, but I will also get to celebrate this Christmas with David for the first time as an engaged couple. I will also get to connect with my loved ones over a glass of wine and even some hot chocolate. For that, I am so incredibly grateful.

Thank you for all your support, your encouragement and your love. It never goes unnoticed. 

I wish you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Be safe, stay healthy and wear a mask.


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