5 Ways To Start Your Morning Right

How your morning goes sets the tone for the rest of your day. It is important to start your day positively, even if you might not have had the best night's sleep or wake up not feeling so great. Rather than starting your day hitting snooze 10 times and then rushing out the door, it is much better to have some kind of routine that can boost your mood. Here are five habits to start your morning right.

Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day
Waking up around the same time every day will get your body into a routine. You will wake up feeling refreshed more often and have a sense of control.

Make Your Bed
As soon as I get out of bed, I make my bed. Making my bed makes my room look cleaner and it makes me feel organized.

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Have Some Quiet Time
Do your devotions, read a chapter in a book, check social media, meditate... do whatever you got to do to get your mind ready for the day. I am currently doing my devotions using a book from Passion City.

Workout (Or At Least Do Some Stretching)
Morning workouts are the best... for me, at least. If I wait, I never get it done. If working out in the morning isn't your thing, find a yoga or stretching routine. Just do something to get moving.

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Eat A Healthy Breakfast
Breakfast is so important. Whether it is a bowl of oatmeal, coffee and a banana, or full on breakfast with eggs, bacon, fruit, and toast, just get something in your body to fuel your morning.

Since we're talking about breakfast, let me know your go-to breakfast in a comment! Mine is oatmeal with fruit and a little honey! So good.


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