A Week In My Life: I Locked My Keys In My Car

I'm starting a new series called A Week In My Life! I probably won't do this every week, but I'd like to share some of my own life with you and this series will help me do just that.

Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am. I don't really have plans... I might go see The Post. It is a movie about journalism with Meryl Streep AND Tom Hanks. It doesn't get better than that in my opinion. 

My first week of 2018 wasn't bad. New Year's Eve was fun. What wasn't fun? Locking my keys in my car. Thank you to STL Locksmith for sponsoring this post!

Week In My Life: December  31 - January 6

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So the week kicked off with New Year's Eve. I relaxed for the day, but went on a Dunkin run with my brother, Brent. We needed coffee! That night, I snacked (a lot) and watched Rockin' New Year's Eve. It is kind of like a tradition at my house and I had to support my man Nick Jonas. My boyfriend was in Alabama for New Year's Eve, so no New Year's Eve kiss for me this year. Can you relate?

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I didn't sleep in too late on Monday, which was surprising. I did some work on Monday and watched the Rose Bowl Game! Talk about a good game. I cheer for the Dawgs always! I also got to see David and he came and spent the night with me, which was nice.

On Tuesday, I went with David to a doctor's appointment. That took up most of the day, honestly.

Wednesday came and I was so behind on work, so I literally spent all day doing blog work. 

I did run to Dunkin for some coffee and I locked my keys in the car which sucked. Thankfully, I have a spare from the first time I ever locked my keys in my car, so I was able to unlock my car in no time.

STORY TIME! About three years ago, I went like 5 minutes up the road to put gas in my car and guess what? I locked my keys in the car. As soon as I closed the door, I knew exactly what I did and I was just looking at my keys just wishing that I could go back like 30 seconds in time. I frantically called my mom who came and sat with me while I waited for a locksmith. I totally thought that I would have to like break the window or something, but thankfully locksmiths exist. STL Locksmith is a great company who will help you if you ever lock your keys in your car (like I did), make a spare for you, install locks at your house... pretty much all things a locksmith can do for your residential, commercial, or automotive needs. They are located in Georgia, so if you live in Georgia, definitely check them out.

Thursday, I got up and went to Atlanta to get David. He had to get some bloodworm done (he's okay!). After that, we got some groceries because I stayed there for the rest of the week. Bedtime came early since we had to wake up early on Friday for David's procedure.

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Friday morning, I took David to his procedure (again, he is okay). That afternoon, I had an interview with a marketing firm. The building has a Starbucks in it, so of course, I grabbed a salted caramel mocha when I left. My favorite! That night, I made some baked ziti and started 90210 on Netflix. I'm hooked. Why did I wait so long to watch it?

Image: Max's Coal Oven Pizzeria (Instagram)

Saturday... that was blogging day again. I spent the whole day working on that and then my mom came up and we grabbed some dinner. We went to Max's Coal Oven Pizzeria. The caesar salad, garlic knots, and salumi pizza is to die for! So, so, so delicious!

Well, that was my first week of 2018. Not too bad, right? In one word, I think the word that describes it best is thankful. Good things happened.. I got some money I wasn't expecting, David's procedure went well and he is better. I'm thankful for that. 

Describe your first week of 2018 in one word below!


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