How To Relieve Stress in College (Tips From A College Grad)

If you've been following the blog for a while, you might know that I struggle with anxiety and have for some time. While stress and anxiety are different, having anxiety does contribute to how much I stress.

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In college, with assignments and projects always due within days of each other, I stressed often. I've only been out of college for a few months now and don't get me wrong, I definitely still stress, but I really learned how to manage and relieve my stress while in college.

If you're feeling stressed, no worries. I got some tips that really helped me and I'm sharing those with you. These are my tips on how to relieve stress in college. I survived college, so these tips must work.

1. Exercise
Since working out more regularly, I have definitely felt less stressed. Working out, even if it is just 10 minutes really helps to clear my mind. When I exercise, I also sleep better, so that's just another great benefit for me.
2. Light a Candle (or use essential oils)
I really like my stress relief candle from Bath and Body Works. I like to light it and just lay in bed with my eyes close and just focus on breathing. I am also getting into essential oils and am looking into getting an oil diffuser! Lavender oil is great for relieving stress. Got any oil diffuser suggestions? These are a few I'm looking at, but I would love to see what you suggest! Comment below.


3. Spend Time With Loved Ones
When you are feeling stressed, sometimes, one of the best things to do is text your bff and do something. Grab a bite to eat, walk around the mall, see a  movie, get coffee. Or... go to a bar if that's your thing. Being with a family member or friend and having their support when you are stressed is helpful. I know when I'm with my family and friends, I laugh. A lot. Laughter is also a great stress reliever.

4. Kiss Your Man (or hug a friend)
Seriously. I'm not joking. When I'm stressed, sometimes all I need is a kiss and hug from David. I'm sure there is a scientific reason behind this, but I'm no scientist. I went to college and studied journalism. All I know is that being with David can make my stress a bit more manageable. Just hugging a friend or even your puppy can help give you a little relief.

5. Take A Minute To Breathe
Sometimes, I just need to lay down and breathe. That is often followed by reading my Bible and praying. Since my anxiety got bad, it has definitely been hard to understand why God has allowed some things to happen in my life, but when I have quiet time with Him, it helps me to stress less and trust Him.

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What other stress relief tips do you have? Comment below!

I feel like so many of us are in a constant state of stress and anxiety and it sucks, but hopefully some of these tips help you. If you are feeling stressed more than usual or are having troubling thoughts, it is always great to seek out help. Most college campuses have therapists and mental health professionals right on campus that you can reach out to. If you feel like you have no one to talk to, please reach out to me! Let's talk.


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