What I Think About My Apple Watch Series 3

Question... does anyone call Wednesday hump day anymore? I used to hear it a lot, but now, not so much. Anyway, the point is we made it to Wednesday and the weekend is so close! I have no plans, but the weekend is always a good time, so I'm looking forward to it.

If you read my Winter Night Routine, you saw that I got an Apple Watch Series 3 for Christmas. It is definitely one of the best gifts that I have ever received. If you've been thinking about getting an Apple Watch, I really recommend it.

I wanted the Apple Watch because I thought it would be really great to have post-grad. A few people have asked me about my thoughts on it,  so I'm sharing with you what I think about my Apple Watch Series 3. There are so many really great features and I love it more than I thought I would, so here are my thoughts about it and what I love about it. This post does contain affiliate links, but I really do love my Apple Watch and I'm not sponsored by Apple at all.

1. The Design
When Apple first released the Apple watch, I wasn't really a fan and it wasn't something that I thought I would ever want. Something I thought looked weird was the design, but honestly, over the past year it has really grown on me. I really love the design and I think it looks super sleek. I have the silver one with the gray (grey?) band.

2. It Motivates Me To Stay Active
This was one of the biggest reasons why I wanted the Apple watch. It tracks my workouts (I use the app 8Fit), reminds me to stand up, and tracks my overall movement throughout the day. It gives me reminders to stand and motivates me to be more active. It even reminds me to stand up when I've been sitting too long watching Netflix.

3. I Can Text, Call, and Check E-Mails
It is so convenient to be able to answer calls, respond to texts, and even check e-mails. This is super helpful when I'm driving and someone calls or texts me. The most important things that I do on my phone, I can do on my Apple watch. I also have cellular service (which is one thing that could be improved. It isn't the best) connected to my watch, so I can use it on the go and away from my phone.

4. Customizing The Face
There are so many different watch face options and I can customize pretty much exactly what I want it to look like.

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5. Water Won't Hurt It
I haven't been swimming to workout in forever, but knowing that I my watch can track a swimming workout is really great. Also, knowing that if I go for a run or am just out and about and it starts raining, my watch will be safe. Just a note: if you start a swimming workout, Water Lock is automatically turned on. If you get caught in the rain or hop in the shower, you have to manually turn Water Lock on.

6. It Reminds Me To Breathe
Breathe is an app that is already installed on the watch and I love it. I have it set to remind me daily to take a minute to breathe. It helps me relax and take a moment to just be calm for the day.

7. I Can Use My Watch To Unlock My MacBook
Typing in my password everytime I come back to my computer after walking away for 5 minutes to grab a cup of ice water or get something to eat can sometimes be annoying, but I am able to unlock it just by wearing my Apple watch. Pretty neat, huh?

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8. Taking Photos Just Got Easier
I can prop my iPhone up somewhere and walk away and take the photo just my tapping my watch. I can finally take some selfies that don't look like selfies.

9. Oh, and Finding My iPhone Got Easier
I pretty much always have my phone on silent, so when I lose it, I'm screwed. I can ping my phone using my Apple Watch and find it no time!

There are so many great features on the Apple watch. I just shared a few of my favorites. The one thing that needs to be improved is the cellular part. I've barely had to use it, but the service isn't too great. Hopefully, with time, this will get better.

Overall, the Apple watch really is a great investment and a great product. I love it and it is hands down one of the best products that I own. Apple really is killing the game when it comes to technology. I am definitely an Apple fan. What about you? What brands are you loyal to? Comment below!


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