Fifteen Favorites: Food, Makeup, Tech...

Happy Wednesday! 

I've been trying out lots of new products over the past couple of months. I've also learned what products I consider to be my "holy grail" products. 

I'm sharing fifteen of my favorite things right now. I've got food, makeup, and even tech favorites to share with you today!

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I stay busy and I really enjoy my daily cup of coffee. Sometimes, I treat myself to my favorite - an iced vanilla latte. If you haven't had one before, try it! They're delicious! When I'm in the mood for an adult beverage, I'm loving Bird Dog's Peach Whiskey. As a girl from the south, I like to pair it with tea or sweet tea. This is so good!

1. Iced Vanilla Latte
2. Bird Dog Peach Whiskey

I'm going makeup this month and I'm so glad I did. I don't wear a whole lot of makeup, but I decided to give my skin a little break. It has also allowed me to sleep in an extra five or ten minutes. My skin is almost clear. I've got some dark spots from old breakouts, but my skin hasn't broken out at all!

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When I do wear makeup, concealer is a necessity! When I'm doing full coverage - foundation, concealer, primer - I have to use my favorite face primer from Ulta! I find that for me, Tom's deodorant is the best! Every night, I use L'Oreal shampoo and Babe Lash to keep my lashes growing.

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
4. Ulta Matte Face Primer
5. Babe Lash
6. L'Oreal Shampoo
7. Tom's Natural Deodorant

I'm wearing out my Converse. I wear them pretty much every single day. I also swear by American Eagle jeans! For leggings... I got a pair a Girlfriend Collective leggings for free a couple years ago and they are by far the best leggings I've ever owned!

8. White Converse
9. American Eagle Jeggings
10. Girlfriend Collective Leggings

As you know, I stay busy. My DayDesigner helps me keep track of everything and I just found an amazing app that helps me keep a daily routine. The app is called Fabulous and it's amazing!

11. Day Designer 
12. Fabulous App

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For Christmas, I got an Apple Watch and it is incredible. Not only does it make tracking my workouts easy, but it helps me stay on top of everything else. I'm on my phone a lot, so a portable charger is necessary. Because my phone is something that I use constantly, I make sure to have a phone case on it and I find that Otterbox cases are the best!

13. Apple Watch
14. Portable Charger
15. Otterbox Phone Case


There you have it! All my current favorites in one place.

What are your top five favorite products right now?


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