24 Lessons I've Learned

I turned 24 yesterday and there are some really important things I've learned in my life.

I'm keeping my birthday super low key this year. Yesterday was my birthday, but it was also just a normal day really. I went to work and two of my friends (who are also my co-workers) took me out to get pizza. If you didn't know, pizza is quite honestly my favorite food in the world! I posted about my birthday lunch on Instagram yesterday and talked about gratitude. Check it out here.

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After work, I went home and my grandparents came over and we had that cookie cake! It was great to relax, chill out, and hang out with my family. I told you, super low key. David and I are going to go out to a Brazilian steakhouse over the weekend, which will be really nice. It is one of our favorite places to eat, but it is definitely a treat yourself kind of meal!

I'm still so young, but I've definitely experienced and learned several lessons in my life that have shaped who I am today. I'm sharing 24 lessons I've learned with you today. I did this back on my 21st birthday and decided to bring it back for 24!

1. Life with Jesus is never boring and He is the best friend that you could have.
2. Love your family and friends.
3. Be kind and have grace.
4. Own your morning and you will own your day. Create a solid morning routine.
5. Take lots of pictures, but also live in the moment.
6. Budget your money.
7. Move your body and feed it well.
8. Be kind to yourself.
9. It is okay to say no.
10. Good friends are so important. 
11. Eat the pizza. 
12. Never stop learning.
13. Travel when you get the chance.
14. Hard work is not a skill or specialty. 
15. Worrying gets you nowhere.
16. Don't hit snooze.
17. You are so loved.
18. Sometimes, you have to let your hair down.
19. Have compassion.
20. It is okay to rest and take a break.
21. Drink water and stay hydrated.
22. Do what makes you happy.
23. Be kind to the planet.
24. Spend time outdoors.

Tell me a couple lessons you've learned recently!


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