My Favorite Recent Amazon Purchases

I buy pretty much everything on Amazon.

Amazon is pretty great. Need some bulk food items? Amazon has it. Need some clothes? Amazon has that too. Need a phone charger, book, lightbulb, or want to stream that new movie? Amazon freakin' has it!

Truly, what was life like before Amazon? Here are some things that I've purchased recently that have been well worth the money.

Body Love
I've been following Kelly LeVeque for quite sometime, but I just recently bought her book. Why did I wait so long? She explains how what we eat affects our bodies in a way that even I can understand... and I am like the worst at science. This will change the way you think about food and you can totally say bye to any food guilt.

Pink Milk Frother
I love to add frothed milk to my coffee and this super cute, pink milk frother does the best job and it also mixes my iced matcha lattes perfectly! You need this!

Blue Light Glasses
I have talked about why you need blue-light glasses and I got mine from Amazon! I've seen some for like $100, but I love my $15 glasses that I got. They do the job and look cute!

Salt Night Light
I have one in my office at work and I found a cute night light salt lamp that I just had to get for my room! I'll plug it in in the evening and also use it in the bathroom when I shower. We've had a salt lamp in my home growing up for so many years and when the use of them became mainstream, I felt cool because I've been swearing by it for years! For $15, you can take this salt night light pretty much anywhere you go!

Stainless Steel Straws
I need a straw, but I know that they cause so much waste, so I've started using reusable straws. This set is perfect and even comes with a cleaner. We all know that getting a straw clean is basically impossible without one.

Rachel Hollis Presents: Made For More
I love Rachel Hollis and I didn't get a chance to see this film when it was in theaters, but I bought it on Amazon and it is so good. It is uplifting and real.

What is the best thing you've bought on Amazon recently?


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