My Favorite Small, Local Businesses In Georgia

Local places are my jam.

I'm just hanging out in my room, wearing my blue light blocking glasses, catching up on some RHOBH. Can I be honest? I just started watching it this year and I really just need to start from the very beginning so I know what the heck is going on. I'm so behind on all my favorite shows right now, so maybe I need to just stay in like a recluse and watch everything. BUT... I did manage to watch season 3 of Stranger Things in a day sooooooo priorities? Also - I NEED to talk about it so feel free to DM me all your thoughts.

Anyway.... local businesses. I'm bragging about all my absolute favorite small, local businesses near me.

I love Starbucks, Chick-fil-a (which started in ATL), and ordering all the apps from Applebee's, but I am a sucker for a good local business. I'll take a local boutique, restaurant, or coffee shop over a franchise any day.

Whenever I travel, I want to go to places that I can't go to when I'm home. I want to try the cute little coffee shop down the street and grab drinks and a burger from the bar that has been in the city for years. Small, local businesses are just my jam.

I love my work in the digital space and I see myself doing this forever, but my other dream is to invest in opening up a super chic, chill coffee shop one day. Will you come visit when I open it in like 20 years?

Growing up in Georgia, there are a ton of small, local business that I've just crazy about for years and others that I have just recently had the opportunity to check out.

Queen Bee Coffee 
This cute little coffee shop is in the McDonough square and I LOVE it! The Panama Joe is my go-to drink and I always buy their bags of coffee to brew at home. Once you get a good quality coffee (they roast in-house), you'll never buy coffee from the store again.

Fellini's Pizza
You know I love pizza. It is my favorite food. I love GOOD pizza and Fellini's is my go-to. They're an Atlanta staple and their white pizza.. wow. I could eat it every single day.

Rosa's Pizza
If you work in downtown Atlanta or went to Georgia State, then you know this place. Rosa's is a little hole-in-the-wall looking pizza place right downtown and wow... so freakin' good. When I was in college, I easily went here weekly.

The Vortex
If you're of drinking age and ever ask me where you should eat in Atlanta, this will be my #1 suggestion. The food is your typical bar food, but oh my gosh... so freakin' good. They also have a great salad and the drink selections are top notch.

Story on the Square
I'm such a reader, so when I first saw this little bookstore in the McDonough square, my heart was soo happy! This bookstore is so cute and they host a number of book clubs, which is so cool! Also, they serve beer, wine, and even charcuterie (fancy!!!!), so this makes for a super cute little date!

Aurora Mercantile
Another McDonough square shop! Aurora Mercantile is a cute little boutique selling brands like Show Me You Mumu and more. They have the cutest jewelry, trinkets, and even locally-made soaps. Good vibes here!

Dress Up 
Dress Up has been a favorite of mine forever! There isn't one super close to me, so I mostly just shop online, but I love them! The clothes are so cute and quality is really great. I always check out their Instagram and will buy exactly what the model is wearing because I am the worst at fashion if I'm being honest.

Anyone want to be my personal stylist?

King of Pops
Quality popsicles made with the best ingredients. My favorite is the cookies and creme, which has REAL chocolate chip cookie pieces. They have so many flavors and their little window shop off the Beltline is so cool. They also have a bar in Ponce City Market sooo you can pop a popsicle in your drink, which is the perfect summer refresher.

Taste and See Coffee
I came across this little coffee shop a couple months ago and if I need a coffee break when I'm at work, this is where I go. They're located in downtown Macon and total chill vibes. My favorite is the Blended Blondie! Yum!

Have you ever been to these places? What is you favorite local business in your town?


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