What's In My Bag For A Day At The Lake

If you need me, I'll be at the lake.

Well... you know, whenever I get a chance to make the little trip. Ha.

Currently chilling out, watching Gilmore Girls in a xxl sweatshirt and leggings, covered in a warm, knit blanket because it is freezing in my house. I would love to be soaking up the sun right now on the lake.

There are a ton of lakes around me. My favorite lake is just about an hour away and we have some family friends who have a lake house there, so we go down a couple times over the summer and hang out for the weekend. Honestly, there is nothing quite like chilling out on the lake with a drink in hand!

I have a cute little bag that I got years ago that has become my bag when I go to the lake. It pretty much stays packed so all I have to do is throw a couple things in and hop in the car. If you're heading off to spend a day at the lake, I hope that sharing what I take to the lake will help you pack the perfect little bag for a day at the lake!

Cute bathing suit
Obviously if you're at the lake, you need a cute bathing suit! I personally love Target, Old Navy, and American Eagle for cute bathing suits and there are often good sales to take advantage of!

Dry change of clothes
You might not want to be in your bathing suit all day, so having a dry change of clothes is always a good idea. A sundress or t-shirt and shorts is always really easy just to throw on.

Usually when I go to the lake, we're at a friend's lake house so they have a bathroom I can hop in to shower when the day is done. I always have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a razor, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste with me. Even if you aren't able to shower after, it is always a good idea to at least keep dome deodorant and lotion with you. My skin is really dry and I need lotion after being in a lake. 

Protect your skin! I love a good natural, mineral-based sunscreen. Also, keep some lip balm with you. Don't forget to protect your lips!

You'll probably get wet and you'll want this, right? 

Waterproof speaker
I can't be around water without some music! I bought this speaker from Amazon a couple years ago and it is amazing and wasn't expensive at all. It is waterproof and Bluetooth which I just love. What was life like before Bluetooth?

Water bottle
Yes, you'll probably have a drink in hand, but don't forget to drink your water. Seriously! I am crazy about hydration and you need to make sure you're drinking water when you're out in the heat, especially if you're also drinking alcohol.

Waterproof phone protection
I have this little waterproof pouch, but you can also put your phone in a Ziploc bag. I refuse to bring my phone in the water with me even if it is in a waterproof case, but if I'm having it around or taking it on the boat with me, my phone is in the pouch or a Ziploc bag! I don't play. 

What else do you have in your lake or beach bag???


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